Missing Sales option in control panel for Litium 8

In the control panel I cannot find the Sales option and I guess that is why I don’t have any payment or devilery options when checking out. Do I need to install a specific Nuget package to get the Sales option?

I have the option in the backoffice GUI and if I try to create a new order manually I get this error:

Http failure response for https://localhost:44379/Litium/app/api/common/ObjectSchema/getschema?objectId=null&key=AddOrder: 500 OK



Litium version: 8

Not all features are currently available in the beta, for example Payments and order management.

Some information on the state of the beta can be found here: What's new Litium 8 Beta

Thanks, that explains it.
So this means basically that everything that your’re curious about and the things that are rebuilt in Litium 8, sales and campaigns, are not available at this stage. Will there be a beta available with these functions before the official release in Oktober?


While some parts are missing, there’s is a lot of foundational work already in place, including all the changes for moving to .NET 5. Another beta release is planned for August which will contain additional features.

Thanks Nils!

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