SecurityToken IsAnonymousUser inconsistent


We have a scenario when SecurityToken.IsAnonymousUser is set to true when a user is logged in and visiting the category page, how can this be possible?

It is set to false in the same session for other pages.

I see no difference when debugging Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity

Litium version: 7.7.1

Hi, I had a similar issue in a project. The issue was that PageModelBuilder was registred as a singleton, which caused the injected security context to be ‚ÄúCaptive dependency‚ÄĚ in that singleton.

[Service(Lifetime = DependencyLifetime.Singleton)]
public abstract class PageModelBuilder<T> : IViewModelBuilder<T>

Should be just
public abstract class PageModelBuilder : IViewModelBuilder



Thank you Niclas, that did the trick!

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