Smart list condition not working


We are trying to do smart list with some conditions to export products.
However when we add couple of conditions it seems to ignore our decimal condition fully.

For example i even can do
Less than 14, Greater than 14, it somehow filters some but i still get products with the value 10, 13, 15 etc on the exact same field i just filtered on.

Litium version: 7.2.3

You get hits on your smart product list with the incorrect values using that filter? Since both conditions has to be true, you should get no hits since the value can’t be both less than 14 and greater than 14.

But if instead you mean that when you use only one of the conditions, you get additional products in the export. That could be because the export always exports the base product and all its variants.

I get a hit with them both set.
And also get products in smartlist with values that should not be there when only one of of them is set.

Reason for this is that we want to do a smartlist with a specific rule and then export only variants based on that rule. But you are saying this is impossible with this?

Can you make a screenshot of the conditions that you have added to your filter? Think it is easier to understand what you try to achieve.

Impossible filter “fälgdiameter” is decimal

If i set only one condition on it eg: <=14 i get items that are bigger.

You have an and between the condition so what you tell the system that you want all with Fälgdiameter less than 14 and Fälgdiameter greater than 14. The reson that result may get hits in the search result is that the search will be like give me all base products where any of the variant will match the condition then you can have a base product with two variants that each of the variant will match the condition.

Can you invert your condition? Give my all products where not Fälgdiameter not equal 14.

So for the use-case;
A base product and Variants B, C, D

You filter (x <= B) => you will get A and B,C,D
You filter (x < B and x > C) => you will get A and B,C,D
You filter (x > B and x < D) => you will get A and B,C,D

So to summary (If i understand it correctly):
You can do AND on product level; however since it matches any of the variants of said base product it returns that base product and its variants meaning OR on variant level.

I have created the ideas since this feels like a feature request then?

Yes, for the search result it is as you describe.

In Litium 7.4 we introduced views to view from the variant view instead of the base product.

When the engine for the smart product list the variant including base product (variant OR base product) that matching the conditions will be selected and added to the smart list.

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