Spammed by forum email

I have these settings in the forum, but i get an email on EVERYTHING. How do i turn it off?

What do you mean with “Everything”?
Do you mean replys on your query or on all post and querys?

I get email on all new posts and all replys, from all users.

hmm, that is not good then maybe you are an admin :grinning:

In the preferences you have Notifications with the sublink Categories where you have categories that you are watching. If you remove the categories that you don’t want to be spammed from the e-mail should stop filling up your mail box.


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Oh, i see. So notifications is email aswell?

I think they classify everything as notification and then they sending out e-mails if you not are active on the site so you not is missing anything.

I also think the following setting can have a dependency also, as I understand that one is that if you enter a topic and are reading more that 4 minutes you automatic mark to track this topic.