Problems with sending email via litium drift server


We have a scheduled task in our backend that sends email to users. We did some testing in our test servers and I had the task set to trigger every minute and had the task also send some email to a non existing email.

The problem here is, since the task is set to trigger every minute (which is a mistake that I made), it caused a series of spam coming from
This is what the email looks like that we keep on receiving.

I had the task turned off in our test servers but we still keep on getting these emails from, Iā€™m assuming that it is because of the email queue or the schedule job queue.

More that 24 hours has passed since I turned off the task that sends the email but we still keep on receiving this.

Are there ways that we can manually turn it off?

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.

Litium version: 7.4

Are there tasks left in the Scheduler.ScheduledJob / Scheduler.ExecutionInfo tables?

We cannot remove the que. The following is the retry interval.
First retry interval (minutes): 1
Second retry interval (minutes): 5
Third retry interval (minutes): 10
Subsequent retry interval (minutes): 120

Expiration timeout is 1 day.
So all you can do is wait.



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