Static content takes several minutes to deliver

Adding static content to a litium site takes several minutes to deliver.
Under a standard litium install, in the wwwroot folder, create a folder called test.
In that folder, create an index.html file with some simple html. I used:

Browsing to site/test/index.html works as expected.
Browsing to site/test/ takes 2-3 minutes to deliver the html.

Adding an IgnoreRoute to the folder doesn’t help.
It feels like litium is trying to resolve the route to the folder internally and waiting for something to timeout before handing it over to IIS.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Litium version: 6.1.1, 6.1.2-patch-1806080803

Have you try with the disableRoutingPath web.config settings?

Yes, I have:
<disabledRoutingPath path="test" />
in the web.config under litium/studio/cms/routing

(should add that the disableRoutingPath key doesn’t help)

I have setup an clean accelerator 6.1.1 from the installation package and can not reproduce this error with the above steps.

Please open a support ticket on support(at) for help with finding what causing the problem.

I see the same in my clean accelerator install. I will investigate further and open a support ticket if required. Thanks.