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I’m trying to get Target Groups to work. Specially, I want a Target Group to take advantage of a promotion.

Following is done:

  • I’m creating a campaign and make sure that is working (e.g. without any condition with targetgroups)
  • In Customers->TargetGroups I create a target group with mathing “any” and test some scenarios:
    ** I can verify that some Filter is working. For example “Searched for” is working
    ** I do not get any trigger on OrderFequency or Order total to work.

I have a feeling there is som bug here. Even if I by accident should have misunderstood the “filter conditions” I tried to set up.

Matching : ANY
FILTER : Order total: [less than 10,00 kr within the last 30 Days] [greater than or equal 10,00 kr within the last 30 Days]

As you can read this condition should (if I’m not compleatly wrong) always trigger. But it does not!

Same behaviour appears for “Order Frequency” filter…

So - to summarize my Question:
-Has anybody successfully been able to apply Target Group with filter condition on OrderFrequency/OrderTotal to trigger a campaign in version 7.1? Or is there a bug here?

Thanks and have a nice Lucia!

Litium version: 7.1

I’ve been testing this in Litium 7.2.3, and I can only get it to trigger when placing a new order. Does it work for you if you create a new order first?

Hi Nils-
So, you mean. Litium starts “counting Order Total” at the point you define the Target group?

But independent of that, since my condition [x>10] or [x<=10] will obviously always be true. So I can not see why “another new order” should affect execution of my condition?!

Thanks for reply.

I only mean that creating a new order was the only way I could find that would trigger the target group. This doesn’t really make sense to me, so I just wanted to check if we were both seeing the same thing.

I’m gonna ask around a little internally if this is the intended behavior.

Hi Nils.

Step 1. For testing purpose, I have done a campaing (a free produkt if something in cart) This campaign is verified to work perfect.

step 2. Then, I add a condition to the campaign. That “Visitor belong to the target Group”

In step 2 I’m successful if I create my target group in a way like “user has item X in cart” I can see that my campaign tigger ONLY if I have X in the cart. As soon I remove item X, my campaign is immedieatly removed. By this I know that my campaign is working, AND my target group.

step 3. I change my target group to be “order total greater than 10 kr”

step 4. I make sure that my user HAS plenty of orders within the 60 days, and also that cart value is obviously greater than 10 kr. MY campaign does NOT trigger.

step 5. To make sure it is not me that are going wrong, I create another condition to my target group ALSO including order below 10 kr.

step 6. My campaign does NOT trigger. So.I’m pretty sure there is a bug here “target group condition on OrderTotal does not work”. Again, since I have “ANY” matching, and x<10 and x>10 I will if course ALWAYS have a true condition here (ok, if 10.00 sek exactly, but that is not the case)

So. please add the case to the open bugs. Tested in 7.3

step 1 image.
May campaign trigger and I got “a free produkct”

step 2-3 image.

step 4 image

step 5 image

step 6 image

OK, so I had the opportunity to ask around a little and here’s how it works:

The target group will start counting from the moment you are first added to the target group. So the first time a customer place an order after the target group has been set up, a cookie will be added on the device used to visit the site with. The content of this cookie will determine if the customer is included in the target group the next time they visit the site. This is true for both the order total and the order frequency condition.

If you want to check historically on the users order total or order frequency, you need to use a smart group with those conditions. In this case the user has to first login to be placed in the group.

Also, in a default installation, those conditions don’t allow for a sliding date span but you can find a code sample for how to implement that here:

Hi Nils and thanks for help.

OK - thanks. That I assume made the trick! It look promising!

(However, I’m still not really happy with that the condition ANY: [x<10 , x>10] returned false in my previous given example… If the object type (Target Group) is not valid to use in my condition (Order total) it should preferrably not be choosable)

BR Erik

The order event for the target group still isn’t triggered until you first place an order, so even with your last condition it won’t work right away.

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