Update large pricelists


What is the fastest way to import prices in litium 7.4.2?
In 7.3.3 we fetched the entire pricelist with var pricelist = _priceListService.Get(data.PriceListId, true), then updated the price items, then saved with _priceListService.Update(priceList);

But priceListService.Get(data.PriceListId, true), is depricated in 7.4.2. In the upgrade we changed to use batch.Create(…), batch.Update(…), batch.Commit(), but this seems to be a lot slower.

Litium version: 7.4.2

I think it should be the way InventoryItem is used;

So fetch all PriceListItems and if its not there create it and use batch to update/create multiple and then commit.

(I have only done this with InventoryItems but using batching and avoiding fetch for each it goes quite fast)

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