Creating PriceList with api

Hi, I’m reading the docs for creating PriceList with the Admin Web API. Do you have to update a pricelist to create priceListItems or can you create priceListItems when creating a PriceList? If so how?

Litium version: 7.7

The price list itself is separate from the price list items, so when you want to update the items of a price list you call
PUT /Litium​/api​/admin​/products​/priceLists​/{systemId}​/items

with the prices in the body as:

    "variantSystemId": "ad0fa165-3b5b-44fc-9f2f-26ddaf4fc02c",
    "price": 999.2
    "variantSystemId": "f9efe0ea-42aa-483e-9302-65460e162793",
    "price": 888.2
    "variantSystemId": "30650670-856f-4b40-9308-2d398bec88f0",
    "price": 777.2
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So just to double check. Even if i just created the pricelist with
/Litium/api/admin/products/priceLists (no items as it was just created) i can then use /Litium/api/admin/products/priceLists/{systemId}/items to update it with items?

Yes, exactly. Remember you can access the Swagger UI if you want try things out more easily.

Great, thank you!

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