Add prices to products

I have created 3 pricelists with different currencies. The lists have prices for all the products.
When I select a product in the backoffice, then prices I can’t see any price. Do I need to manually add a pricelist for each product or is there a way using any API to add the pricelists to each product ?

Litium version: [7.4]

You need to connect the pricelists to the products, either manually or with integration work or import/export, check also permissions on the pricelists.

Integration work?
What API’s ?

If you could point me in the right direction.

How did you create the price lists? How do you know the lists have prices?

If you want to add prices manually, go to the Price tab of the product, click on Add to add a pricelist, then enter the price for each variant.

If you want to do it via code, here’s an example of how to add a price for a variant to a pricelist:

var variant = _variantService.Get(variantId);
var priceList = _priceListService.Get(priceListId);
var priceListItem = _priceListItemService.Get(variant.SystemId, priceList.SystemId).FirstOrDefault()?.MakeWritableClone();

if (priceListItem == null)
	priceListItem = new PriceListItem(variant.SystemId, priceList.SystemId)
		Price = 100,
		MinimumQuantity = 0,
	priceListItem.Price = 100;
	priceListItem.MinimumQuantity = 0;
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I am talking about when you import products from some other system for instance with Litium Integration Kit AddOn but in your case you need to handle that with Import/Export in BO since you created the pricelist manually.

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