Setting pricelist name


I am creating pricelists in code in a scheduled task(ITask).
It works well, but I would like to set the name property for the pricelists, but it doesn’t seem to get saved.

I am using this code, but when i look in backoffice the pricelist has no name

    public PriceList CreatePriceListConnectedToOrganization(Organization organization, Currency currency, string priceListId, string name)
        var priceList = new PriceList(currency.SystemId);
        priceList.Active = true;
        priceList.Id = priceListId;
        priceList.IncludeVat = false;
        priceList.Localizations.CurrentUICulture.Name = name;
        priceList.Localizations.CurrentCulture.Name = name;
        priceList.OrganizationLinks = new List<PriceListToOrganizationLink>()
            new PriceListToOrganizationLink(organization.SystemId)
        return priceList;

And this is the result

Am i supposed to set the name some other way?

Litium version: 7.2.0

You need to add the name with the culture key as index.
priceList.Localizations["sv-SE"].Name = name;

You can use the LanguageService to get all languages in the solution.


        foreach (var language in _languageService.GetAll())
            priceList.Localizations[language.CultureInfo].Name = name;

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