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We have a case where price lists with no organisation links remain on products. When a price list is present on a product and has no organisations, it seems that it can be chosen as the price for a product where the customer’s price list is not present.

Our solution is to simply delete the price lists with no organisation links, but the client feels that a stricter solution is in order.

What is the best practice for preventing a price list with no organisations to be selected as price for a product?

Litium version: 7

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You could try adding a decorator that filters out pricelists without a organization link. With Litium 7.4 you could instead use permissions to control this (visitor wouldn’t have read access to a pricelist).

Something like this, tested with Litium 7.2.3.

using Litium.Products;
using Litium.Products.PriceCalculator;
using Litium.Runtime.DependencyInjection;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Litium.Accelerator.Services
	public class OrganizationPriceCalculatorDecorator : IPriceCalculator
		private readonly IPriceCalculator _parentResolver;
		private readonly PriceListService _priceListService;

		public OrganizationPriceCalculatorDecorator(IPriceCalculator parentResolver, PriceListService priceListService)
			_parentResolver = parentResolver;
			_priceListService = priceListService;

		public IDictionary<Guid, PriceCalculatorResult> GetListPrices(PriceCalculatorArgs calculatorArgs, params PriceCalculatorItemArgs[] itemArgs)

			return _parentResolver.GetListPrices(calculatorArgs, itemArgs);

		public ICollection<PriceList> GetPriceLists(PriceCalculatorArgs calculatorArgs)

			return _parentResolver.GetPriceLists(calculatorArgs);

		private void LimitPricelists(PriceCalculatorArgs calculatorArgs)
			var allowedPriceLists = _priceListService.GetAll().Where(list => list.OrganizationLinks.Count > 0).Select(x => x.SystemId).ToList();
			calculatorArgs.PriceListSystemIds = allowedPriceLists;

Thanks Nils! This works like a charm :slight_smile:

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