_priceCalculator.GetPriceLists Missing param for Groups?

Trying to get all pricelist but I am unable to filter with Groups?

allPriceLists = _priceCalculator.GetPriceLists(new PriceCalculatorArgs()
OrganizationSystemIds = new[] { PersonStorage.CurrentSelectedOrganization.SystemId },
CurrencySystemId = _requestModelAcessor.RequestModel.Cart.OrderCarrier.CurrencyID,
WebSiteSystemId = _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel.WebsiteModel.SystemId,
CountrySystemId = _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel.CountryModel.SystemId,
DateTimeUtc = DateTimeOffset.Now,
UserSystemId = PersonStorage.SignedInPerson.SystemId

Litium version: 7.*

The groups are fetched from the logged in user or the UserSystemId-property user.

The OrganizationSystemIds was added to restrict usage of one specific organization instead of all organizations that customer may belong to.

Ok, is there another way to fetch all pricelist and use GetPriceLists with a filter with a group that we ouer self can set? And not by the logged-in user?

It´is not possible to set groups that the price calculator should use.
What do you try to achieve?

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