Why is Klarna Checkout additional checkbox value always false?

We’re using Klarna.Rest.Core.Model.CheckoutOptions.AdditionalCheckboxes to display a checkbox in Klarna Checkout for the user to subscribe to our newsletter. However the value of the checkbox, checked or not checked, is always false/not checked when we read the value after the order has been placed.

We add the checkbox in KlarnaPaymentConfigV3.UpdateDataSentToKlarna() and read the value in KlarnaPaymentConfigV3.ValidateCheckoutOrder().

What are we doing wrong?

Also, why is the type of CheckoutOptions.AdditionalCheckbox AdditionalCheckbox and the type of CheckoutOptions.AdditionalCheckboxes AdditionalCheckboxV2?

Litium version: 7.4.2

Are you checking Klarna.Rest.Core.Model.CheckoutOptions.AdditionalCheckboxes on Validation? I think that will just mirror what you send to Klarna.

Try checking Klarna.Rest.Core.Model.MerchantRequested.AdditionalCheckboxes instead.

That’s a question for Klarna :slight_smile:

Right, it’s LitiumKcoOrder.CheckoutOrder.MerchantRequested.AdditionalCheckboxes we need to use, thank you!

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