404 on api calls


I’m having trouble getting my site to run on server properly. Generally the site works fine, i can visit startpage and categorypage and I see all images etc but it gets 404-error on api calls when trying to load dynamic pages. Adding to cart doesnt work and the checkout doesnt work either. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

This is from the log
Litium.Web.Routing.UrlRedirectResolverImpl - Check url-redirects for: “/Litium/app/api/login”, “”, “”


Litium.Web.Routing.UrlRedirectResolverImpl - Check url-redirects for: “/api/productFilter”, “”, “”

Litium version: 7.4.2


Do you have NodeJS installed on the server? It’s a requirement since 7.4.


Yes it’s installed. I followed that guide you linked and the environment looks good. Still with the 404’s on api calls…

Sorry. I read your post wrong, that you could not load images.

But it sounds very strange.

Can you do stuff in back office?

Have you built the client-stuff with yarn?


Yarn is built for production yes.
Yes, super strange. No, i can’t even log in to back office because i get a 404 on “/Litium/app/api/login” after typing my credentials and clicking “Login”. When I try to login I get this in Litium log :

Litium.Web.Routing.UrlRedirectResolverImpl - Check url-redirects for: “/Litium/app/api/login”, “”, “

I even tryed copying my local dev folder “Litium.Accelerator.Mvc” (The site works perfectly on local) and pointing IIS to that but with same result. The page is running seemingly perfect but It gets theese 404’s when trying to login, on categorypage (causing the filters not to show up) and when clicking purchase on a prodcut etc.

It it hosted by us?

Can you send details to support@litium.com and someone will take a closer look how it’s setup.

// Johan

No it is’nt hosted by you unfortunately. Is there anything you can think of i could try?

Does the server check everything in the system requirements?

As far as i can tell, yes. I’ve checked everything on the list and i checked that the IIS is setup by the specification (as far as I can tell), but still same issue.

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