Account for Unifaun addon

The instructions on says “Request a merchant account from Unifaun”.

Just to be sure, is it correct that we should add/order the feature “Unifaun ERPConnect” to get the account for app.config transportAdministrationAccount (username, password, deliveryCheckoutId)?

Litium version: 7.2.3

What you would need is Unifaun Online and Unifaun DeliveryCheckout.

Yes, we registered an account at Unifaun Online and can log in there and we installed Unifaun Delivery Checkout addon. But now I need an account for Unifaun Delivery Checkout to connect to Unifaun Online using their API. And then I guess I need to buy a new feature inside Unifaun Online(?), is it correct that I should order “Unifaun ERPConnect” there? To get username and password used by Litium addon?

The ERP connector is for when you want to send XML files with transport data between the ERP and Unifaun, so that’s something completely different.

Unifaun has to activate the Delivery Checkout feature for your account, you can find the contact person details here:

FYI, the information we got from Unifaun is this:

“ERPConnect ger er möjlighet att använda både XML och REST API som integrationsmetod, utan ERPConnect kommer ni inte åt vårt REST API.”

Meaning we have to order ERPConnect for Litium addon to work.

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