Adding Unifaun addon to a clean accelerator gives compilation issues

I tried following the instructions on how to install the unifaun addon (Install) but when trying to launch the accelerator project I get some compilation issues in Litium.Accelerator.Services.CheckoutServiceImpl. Is there a version mismatch, could I have missed some step in the instructions or do I have to solve these manually?

Unifaun addon version: 7.2.101
Litium version: 7.6.1

Yes, the Accelerator code has had some updates since the sample code for the addon was released. The first one should pass a delegate, like

ErrorMessage = () => "validation.required".AsWebSiteString()

For the second one, you should inject PersonStorage and CheckoutState in the constructor. In the latest Accelerator it looks like this:

//Set selected company address to CustomerInfo.Address 
_moduleECommerce.CheckoutFlow.AddOrEditCustomerInfo(orderCarrier, deliveryAddress, SecurityToken.CurrentSecurityToken.UserID, _personStorage.CurrentSelectedOrganization.SystemId, SecurityToken.CurrentSecurityToken);
_checkoutState.CopyAddressValues(customerAddress, deliveryAddress);

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