BackOffice order view conditions?

I created a large number of orders programatically (using ModuleECommerce.Orders.CreateOrder) as they are imported from another system. However, they do not show up in the BackOffice order view. I know they have been created because they appear in the database. I would suspect BackOffice thinks they are lacking something that makes them not presentable, but that’s just a guess. Are there any conditions in BackOffice for displaying orders in the view, and if so, what are they? (and if not, what else might be the problem here?)

Litium version: 7.2.4

Any error logs?

Just to make sure, the view isn’t filtered in any way? None of these orders are listed under All?

There are no logged messages in relation to this, error or otherwise…

Correct. No filters, viewing all orders( /Litium/ECommerce/Orders.aspx?ECOM_NAVBAR_PAGE=0&ECOM_DATE_FILTER=All ).

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