Can I change email on order?

How do I change email on customer info on order in state other than “Init”, our current order status is “Confirmed”. Customer filled in wrong email and asked customer service to correct it.

Is this possible to do by default or do I have to configure it somewhere?
Order is set to editable in PropertyMetaInfoBuilder for all order states but all I can do is add or remove order rows, customer info can’t be changed.

Litium version: 7.3.1

If I add this to PropertyMetaInfoBuilder, I can edit the email address under Customer info.

// Allow customer info to be edited at all
propertyMetaInfoBuilder.CreateOrderPropertyMetaInfo("CustomerInfo", (short)OrderState.Confirmed, true, false, true, true);
// Allow the specific field to be edited
propertyMetaInfoBuilder.CreateAddressPropertyMetaInfo("Email", (short)OrderState.Confirmed, true, false, true, true);

Caveat: I tested this in Litium 7.2.3, but should work in your version as well.

Thanks! Works fine!

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