CMS folder without affecting page route

My client has a request to be able to create folders inside the CMS tree without affecting the routes. Currently the root folder is cluttered with pages and they need some way of organizing the pages but still keep the route as it was before. Let’s say that we create a “folder” page type in litium, is there some way of overriding the route being generated from ex. “/folderpage/mypage” to “mypage” if the “folderpage” route is of a certain page type?

Litium version: 7.6.2

You can create a new idea for this for future product updates: Ideas

Yes, it would be a good feature but is there anyway we can solve it within the current version ourself?

The folders url’s are for avoiding duplicates so overriding the routes would affect negatively in the long run and when upgrading.

Yes, I’m aware of that risk and something we would have to consider, but would still like any pointers on how to override this functionality.

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