New page should be created first and not last in CMS tree page view

I know its possible to modify but I cant any information about it. When creating a new page in the CMS the page should be created first and not last in the list of pages.

Litium version: 6.3.7

I solved it myself.

  public EventHandlerStartup()
        ModuleCMS.Instance.EventManager.PageCreated += EventManagerOnPageEvent;

    private void EventManagerOnPageEvent(Guid webSiteId, Guid pageId, Guid parentPageId)
        var token = ModuleCMS.Instance.AdminToken;
        var currentPage = Page.GetFromID(pageId, token);
        var parentPage = currentPage.GetParentPage(token);

            currentPage.Move(parentPage, 0, token);
        catch(Exception e)
            Solution.Instance.Log.CreateLogEntry("PageCreated could not be added first", e, LogLevels.ERROR);
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To think on is that in a multiserver setup the PageCreated event will be fired in every node, this move-command without synchronization between node may fail in some nodes that will reflect in false-positive error-logs.

@patric.forsgard Do you have any recomendations? Or should I just nog log anything?

Some alternatives can be:

  • use a distributed lock that only allowing one node to do the operation at a time
  • fetch the page when exception is thrown and check if the index of the page is the expected and if not try again or write to log
  • ignore the logging or log with a smaller severity if you what to the log information there when you tryout on local computer

Can’t you just have a startuptask with the event handler that is set to only run on one machine?

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Yes, you can. But if that machine is down for maintenance or upgrade and not catching that event the page will still be in the bottom of the list.

Thanks! :grinning:

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