Creating the first page in new website

Litium version: 7.1

I am trying to create the first page (like the “Home page” in the Accelerator site) of a new website in Litium backoffice/studio/admin, but I am unable to find a way to do this in the GUI. The location selector will only allow me to add a new CMS page to an already existing page.

How do I create the first CMS page for a new website?

Our setup already has a website that is a regular Accelarator deployment. The problem described here occurs when I try to add a new website alongside the existing Accelerator website. Our developer license states that we can use multiple websites, so don’t think that is the reason.

When you create a new website under Settings > Websites you can select the home page template. This will set up a new website with a start page you can add more pages under.

That seems to work nicely.

How do I accomplish this in code? Do I create a Page without a ParentPageSystemId?

Yeah, you can create a new Page with a Guid.Empty as ParentPageSystemId. You also need to the set which WebsiteSystemId the page belongs to.