Conditions for products to appear in price agent feeds

When I implement IPriceAgent I get IEnumerable priceAgentItemResults as an argument in the Render function. What conditions did Litium use to decide what qualifies to be in this feed or not? I’m asking because I have a product with stock and price that isn’t appearing… is category perhaps also a factor, or something else?

Litium version: 7.1

Are the products published and visible on the site?

Unpublished products are ignored if I remember correctly.

The product need to exists and be accessible by a public url. It also exists a settings (control panel) that decide if products without stock should be included.

If we talk about Google Shopping Feed you also have a specific settings page (control panel) that is mapping Litium to Google Shopping Fields and for them it exists some that is mandatory, You can find the mandatory Google Shopping Feed mandatory fields on