Google shopping feed 404 error

I can’t get Google Shopping feed to work, this is what I did:

  • I enabled price agents by setting “Price agents” to “Yes” on channel “Swedish web”.
  • I mapped all mandatory Google Shopping product data attributes to Litium product fields, in Settings - Products - Google Shopping.
  • These fields was added to a product field template.
  • Values for these fields was set on two products with this template.
  • When trying to access https://mysite.localhost/se/priceagent.axd/Googleshopping I get a 404-error, nothing in log about this.

Litium version: 7.1.0

Is it enabled in Web.config as well?

Yes, it is enabled there with
<productCatalog enablePriceAgent="true" />

Do the other price agents work correctly (like Prisjakt) or is the problem limited to Google Shopping?
Is there any error in the litium.log file?

https://mysite.localhost/se/PriceAgent.axd/Prisjakt also gives me 404-error. No error in litium.log.

I did some digging and believe this issue has been resolved in a later version, see this bug:
Price Agents returning 404

An upgrade should solve your issue.