Create website string in code in Litium 7

Is it possible to create websitestring via code like in prevoius versions of litium in Litium 7 and if so is it possible to get an example. The beta ccelerator doesnt seem to contain any examples of this.

Litium version: 7

The declarative way that was existing in previous versions will not exists in the RTM version but is included in the plan to bring back and get a better developer first experience. The same for declarative data modeling (field and field templates).

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As a follow up question… Where are this code that creates the website strings in the accelerator and the translate definitions?

There are bad translations for website string and some websitestring are missing but i can’t find any websitestrings in the accelerator code base.

They are in the accelerator deployment package file so it is hard to change the default translations there on an easy way. It will be released an service release probably in the end of next week that have updated translations for page types and some added strings that was missed.

Do you have a list of the website texts that you have found missing, then I can check that we have added them?

I dont have it now and i I rather see the website string and translations where included in the accelerator code like all field translations.

@patric.forsgard Any updates regarding improved handling of website texts?


No, no update how the website text are handled.

There is now a sample avaliable on how you can create website texts in code

Follow the link from