Deploying website in English?


When I deploy a new website (Deployment > Accelerator B2C) it’s deployed in Swedish. Is it possible to deploy an English site, or do I have to translate everything myself? (everything from url names to other properties on the pages)

Litium version: 6.1.1

You can switch the website laguage after its deployed and if translations missing you can use the import export for adding missing translations.

Thanks Steve, import and export works for website texts.
However, how would I handle all the pages on the site (see image), how can I generate these in English?

Yeah those are actually made from Src/Web/Site/Deployments/B2B-or-B2C/Accelerator.bin and if you can decompress it and change the json/xml values then you can deploy in new languages.
I think it is easier to change the values in BO manually.

I’m not sure how to decompress that file. Can you confirm that it only contains Swedish values and not English?
It seems to odd to me that it would be only in Swedish as Litium does target other markets…

Yes it is only in Swedish, you need to translate yourself if you need to use the auto generated pages from deploy.

For Accelerator for Litium 5 and 6 the language is Swedish.
For Accelerator for Litium 7 the language is English and we have got feature request to also provide Swedish content.

Thank you both for your replies!

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