Degraded performance in backoffice order search

We are experiencing degraded performance in order search in sales module.

We have rebuilt search index without any significant performance improvement.

We assume it’s related to the increasing number of orders stored in Litium.

What is best practise to handle the increasing number of orders in Litium?
Can orders be archived in some way?
Can I set a time span on orders I want to include in the search index? For example only orders placed in the las six months?

Litium version: 7.3.3

The time could be related to the database and not the actual indexes.

It would be good to know the amount of orders we are talking about here.
Some improvements has been done on this on Litium v 7.5 and more improvements will occur in upcoming versions.

Automatic deletion of old orders which is implemented for GDPR

There are no solutions today for archiving any orders.

You can not control what to include in the search indices.

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