Slow response on Order search in backoffice

We are seeing slow response times on order search in sales in Litium backoffice.

Is AdditionalOrderInfo indexed by default?

We store quite a bit of information as AdditionalOrderInfo.

Could AdditionalOrderInfo have a negative affect on order search performance?

Litium version: 7.3.3

How many orders are we talking about?

Millions of orders.

You will need to upgrade you solution to get this fixed. See issue:

Ok, no workaround or hotfix to fix this?
We have seen that Litium.Studio.UI.ECommerce.Search.QuickSearch can be overridden…

You can try that but best recommended approach is to keep up with the updates since a lot of issues gets resolved continuously.

Yes, we will upgrade but we are waiting for 7.7.2.

In bug 51999 there seems to be timeout against the database, but in our case it seems to be the search against Lucene that are slow (Solution.Instance.SearchService.Search(searchRequest)).

Is this really the same issue as 51999? We have no problem to load the Sales view.

There is also another bug 52407 that was included in Litium7.7.0, and it might be more relevant to the problem you are mentioning. Or actually in your case those two performance fixes might fix your problem.
But please keep in mind that after 52407 fix, it searches only by exact ordernumber, so no ‘smart’ search anymore

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Ok, so from 7.7 it’s not possible to search orders by email or customer number?

Thing is that searches on exact order number is also slow for us…

u still will be able to search by customer number, name, e-mail, though no smart search for the order numbers.
and regarding still being slow. thats why most likely your problem could have been fixed by those 2 bugs. in 51999 we have fixed performance problems with additional info, and in 52407 - removed that smart search for order numbers, that also had an impact on performance so made it slow.
though it is better if you upgrade to newest version, and then come back to us if problem still persists, so it can be researched further, since maybe there are other performance problems

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