Elasticsearch synonym search not working locally

I am trying to configure Elasticsearch using docker in my litium Project locally.
The normal search is working fine, but I am not able to search with synonyms that I added in the litium backoffice

  1. Docker and all nodes are up and running
  2. Elasticsearch connectionString is added:
  3. Lucene indexing disabled for website and PIM and prefix added
  4. Synonyms added at back office
  5. Index Build
  6. And I am able to see the synonyms added at back office on synonym_path

Did I miss something? I am not able to see result searched based on synonym.

Litium version: [7.6.1]

Can anyone have a look into this and reply me what i am doing wrong

Do you get any errors in the log that synonyms are not available from Elastic?

Do you have any other languages than swedish?

Don’t have any errors in log,
yes we have other languages than Swedish (Finnish, Norwegian, English) .

Have you tried adding synonyms in those languages also?

You should be getting an error if the synonyms cannot be reached from elastic so not sure what the issue is.

What search phrase do you use and what is your expected result?
abc => arm071,abc - this means that a search for abc will also include searchresults of a search for arm071, so if you search for arm071 now, do you get hits?

Thank you @marten, it worked now i am able to get hit.
but the issue is, it only get hits when the keyword contains the part of Synonym.

here if i search with abc or am7 I am not getting a hit. It works only when keywords are like arm, 071 , m07 . Also I tried with other products. How am i able to search with keywords other than part of synonym?

Can you try to setup keywords that have more than 3 characters?

Yes it works if the Keyword contains any part of the Synonym eg : “arm 071” with space is also working

Guessing that the reason that you get hits on parts of synonyms is that you are actually searching values on the product?

But I am not able to reproduce the issue, I tested with the steps below and was able to add abc as a synonym for arm071:

  1. Adding “arm071” to a product description
  2. Verify search works for “arm071
  3. Add synonym
  4. Search for “abc” now give a hit for the arm071-product

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