Error while upgrading - multiple vat rates

While upgrading to Litium 7 (from version 6.2) we get the following error message (multiple times). The link in the error message leads nowhere (http error 404); where can I read more about this problem?

Error-Base Product with Article Number = “abc123” has multiple price lists in “NOK” and VAT is not the same. If products has several pricelists then VAT must be the same per currency. Read more on

Litium version: 7

This is a known issue, which will be fixed in a comming service release to Litium 7. The links points incorrectly as at now to non-existing articles.
It is being fixed.

The bugfix will be adjustment of the link, the source problem need to be fixed in your data before running the upgrade.

You need to check that articles only have one VAT-rate per currency.

We will have a look, but could you please verify that the query (in Upgrade_PreRequires.sql) that produces this warning is correct? From our initial investigations it seems to give false positives, i.e. articles that don’t have multiple VAT rates in a specific currency, but that do have different VAT rates for different currencies, are still flagged.

@anusha.ganegoda, @marten Can you confirm whether or not the sql query in the upgrade script works as intended if you have multiple pricelists?

You are right, the script does not work correctly. We have identified the problem and will release it as soon as possible.

It has been released in 7.0.1


VAT issue seems to be fixed now. I’m posting a new error which happens while upgrading
Error-Could not convert Content Property “Link” in table dbo.CMS_PageTypeProperty to field because it has multiple definitions. Please make sure to have one defintion for each content property. Read more on

But it seems, this error is being displayed when we have same PropertyName in different PageTypes.
Could you please have a look on this, as well?
Or the property name should be unique, irrespective of pagetype?

Yes, the property name, which is used to generate the field type id should be unique.