Exclude products in product campaign from order campaign

Is it possible to set up campaigns in Litium so that products in a product campaign doesn’t get additional discount by an order campaign? I have for instance a product campaign with 20% on some products and an order campaign (with a campaign code) with 10%. The result is that I get 30% discount on the products in the product campaign since the order campaign gives 10% on all products. I would like the result to be 20% on products in product campaign and 10% on all other products.

It is not possible if you’re using an order discount, since that discount is applied on each order row after any product campaign has already been applied. Only way to limit this is to make them exclusive to each other, but that doesn’t fit your use case.

Instead you could create a separate product campaign that reduces the price by a percentage. Allow it to be combined with all other campaigns, set the discount to 10%, select the assortment (so all products are included) and lastly make sure that the 20% discount comes after the 10% discount in the sort order.

Blouse is discounted by the category campaign (20%), while the scarf is discounted by the everything campaign (10%).

Thank you @NilsN! This solved the problem. I think however that the order of campaigns is awkward, I expected the first campaign (in the top) to be evaluated first and not the other way around but maybe that is just my opinion.

That’s actually how it works even now. :slight_smile: If we switch the order around the category products would first get a 20% discount which would then change to 10% by the latter campaign. So it doesn’t pick the “best” discount automatically.

If campaigns can be combined, the best discount should be last in the order and vice versa if there are restrictions.

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