Fields can only contain "a-z, 0-9 or _"

In the controlpanel in websites and in the sitetypes and templates, I’ve added some properties to the “CheckOut” sitetype but can’t update the field value. When I try to save I receive
“Ett fel inträffade”
“Namn måste anges för alla fält. Namnet får endast innehålla a-z, 0-9 eller _.”

Litium version: 6

Could there be a space in any of the names?

I have checked and there are no spaces unfortunately

Just to double-check – no å, ä or ö either in the name?
Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of what you want to add?

There’s only english letters
Here’s my properties that I’ve added but need to change the values of

Could it be another one of the old fields for some reason was successfully saved with invalid letters in the database. So now when you try to add a field, you get an error… but not for the new field, but for an old field?

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I think you got some corrupt data in DB, check the tables and see if any issues.

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