Find executing code for aspx files in litium backoffice


I’m trying to figure out how litium backoffice pages performes some of its actions. For example I would like to know how the search index page (located under /Litium/Foundation/SearchIndex.aspx) is implemented. I like to know this to be able to see how the index is utilized and on what pages. I cannot seem to find the aspx-files anywhere in my running web-app instance. Where/how can I look into this? :slight_smile:

Litium version: 7.6.1

These files are embedded in the assemblies. But maybe we can provide the information you need if you could specify a bit more what you’re looking for.

Depending on what that is, some information is already available here on the forum, for example this thread: How can i rebuild all search indices through api

I understand.

Well, in this particular case I wanted to examine what parts of litium studio was using the search index ( - we have gotten an answer regarding where the order index is used so that part is all good. But other that that it would be nice to easily be able to check what code that is running on those pages to be able to know what code is actually executing when performing actions in backoffice.


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