Elasticsearch and BackOffice


I am investigating how we can migrate from using Lucene search to Elasticsearch. We use Loop54 for all site search functionality, so Lucene is limited to functional purposes “behind the scenes”. Of course my understanding was that Lucene “was” also responsible for search results in the backoffice (and other backoffice related functions)

Am I correct in this assumption? If so, how does Elasticsearch integrate into the BackOffice (beyond of course the panel for rebuilding its indexes)?

Litium version: 7.6.1

From BO it is direct calls to DB to fetch information except the Sales module which works with Lucene and it will not get affected if one switches to Elastic Search.
Switching from Loop54 to ES will affect the business of the costumer itself and that should be considered and investigated if it is worth to do in the long run.

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Thanks for the quick response!

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