Litium 7.4 and Lucence

Will it be possible to continue using Lucene in 7.4 (for some time) or do we need to migrate to Elastic at the same time?

It’s possible to continue with Lucene.Net, but for new project I strongly recommend to use Litium Search (powered by Elasticsearch) to lower the effort of upgrade.

We are starting to phase Lucene.Net out and I expect that in Litium 8 it will be mandatory to use external search engine.

Ok, thanks. They are currently live on 7.2.3 so I was just curious to know if we can wait a little with Elastic. Makes the rollout easier to take it in two separate processes. They (my customer) has been waiting for the Elastic implementation so there is no plan to stick to Lucene for long :slight_smile:

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