Using Loop54 and Internal Elastic?

Hi, is it possible to use elastic to replace lucene search internaly and still use loop54 as the search engine for the customers?

When i add all elastic settings to my web config, and turn off the lucene like so.

<add key="Litium:Search:Indexing:Product" value="false" xdt:Transform="Insert" />
<add key="Litium:Search:Indexing:Website" value="false" xdt:Transform="Insert" />

The loop feeds stops generating? Cant i use em together?

Litium version: 7.3

What version of Loop54?

Version: 7.4.100

Is it supposed to work out of the box? I see that the field names in the loop feed eg "“document-property-*” is not present in the Elastic ProductDocment? Is there a transform that am missing? To make Elastic play nice with the Loop54IndexingProviderPreProcessor?

When you set the Search Indexing to false then Loop54 feeds will not be created since they are created when you index products.
Loop54 is made for Products and not anything else.
For combining with Elastic Search then you will need to alter the AddOn logic and since it is a source code AddOn you can do anything desired.
For now there is a bug in it that we are working on so one needs to stay put for the next release soon.

Is there an IIndexingProviderPreProcessor for elastic that we can use?
@steve.redstorm @patric.forsgard

I have tryed creating the class ProductLoopDocumentBuilder : IndexDocumentBuilderBase alongside the default MultilingualIndexDocumentBuilderBase.

But this class in not hit when rebuilding the elastic product index, do i need to register it somehow?

What i need is some sort of (if possible) singleLanguage notification/event when a product is about to be reindex.

If i just add a hook in the default documentBuilder we will rebuild the loop files multiple times since the Multilingual IndexDocumentBuilderBase will trigger once per culture, and loops IIndexingProviderPreProcessor is once per varient.

I haven’t tested this but you may be able to create a decorator on ProductIndexDocumentBuilder and from the result of BuildIndexDocuments-method you create the document you need for Loop54 before returning the result to the caller.

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