How to use new product field as a filter

I’m working with creating a new field template for a product category. In this template I’m adding new fields, mostly of type textOption. A few of them need to be filters, how to I make it work?

I’ve added this code to ProductsFieldDefinitionSetup.cs:

and also defined the field in backoffice and added it to a product field template. However, on the product listing/categpry page I can’t see it as a new filter option. What have I missed?

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You need to add it as a filter on the website. Below are instructions for Litium 7.

First, add it under Settings > Accelerator > Product filtering .

Then go to Settings > Websites > Websites, edit your website and add the field under Filters.

The filter will be shown after that (assuming there are products using the field in the listing).

Thanks for your quick reply, and yes I’m using Litium 7.

I have followed your steps, but I can’t see the new filter on the website. I even removed Price and News filters from both Settings > Accelerator > Product filtering and Settings > Websites > Websites to see if anything would change and they both disappear.

What could I possibly have been missing?

I added the all the fields in backoffice that I had defined in the code and now its working!

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