Klarna Checkout with Shipping Assistant Q&A

I’m not sure if this is a question that should be directed to Klarna, but we are working with a client that wants to use Klarna Checkout with the Shipping Assistant. The Shipping Assistant is going to fetch shipment methods from Consignor (the client is already using Consignor and have ordered a Klarna setup).

So far, “very” simple.
But the client doesn’t want to use the prices that they get from Consignor (since they are too high). So they want to some fixed prices based on how far north you are in Norway, and how big the packages are. But still using pick-up locations or delivery options from Consignor.

Is there anyone here who has done anything like this? Change the shipping prices in Klarna checkout after fetching it from a TMS?

Litium version: [7.6.1]

Solved by using Consignor price matrices after no result in my research.

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