Klarna Shipping Assistant fallback delivery method

Hello good people of Litium Forum

We are using Klarna Checkout with Klarna Shipping Assistant for our client. And I remember I read, somewhere (probably on Klarna shipping assistant docs) that we should supply a fallback delivery method. Which Litium does. But we have 3 different checkout methods with their own delivery options:

  1. Klarna Checkout with KSS as the delivery method
  2. Store picker with a custom pick up at store delivery method (Customers pay at the location, so no Klarna)
  3. A checkout option for B2B customers with a B2B shipping cost that will be billed after

But, our problem is that we have 3 delivery methods in Litium which is sent to Klarna as fallback shipping options. But we should not send “B2B delivery” or “Pick up at location” to Klarna. I realize that we can filter on the ID of the delivery method i.e. have a delivery method with id “KSSFallback”. But I wanted to explore a bit more if I could add a field to each delivery method that could be a boolean which will be “KSS Fallback”. If that is true these delivery methods will be supplied to Klarna as a fallback delivery method.

Have anyone else run into this issue? And if so, how did you solve it?

Litium version: 7.7.1

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