Multiple block sections on one page?

Hi, can I define multiple Block groups? for a page? Like a top block, section and a bottom section? Or do I need to split top and bottom into pages to allow for this?

Litium version: 7

Not really understand your question. I guess you want to have different groups of blocks in one page? That feature is called Block container.

Let’s take Home\Index.cshtml in Accelerator 7 for example, it renders only the ‘Main’ block container. You can add another block container, ‘Bottom’ for example, by:

  1. Edit the Home’s page template in the Settings, to add the ‘Bottom’ container.
  2. Modify the Homt\Index.cshtml file to render Blocks that belong to the ‘Bottom’ container:
    @Html.BlockContainer(Model.Blocks, “Bottom”)

Can I view/edit block containers in the admin or do I need to add em all via “new BlockContainerDefinition()” ?

You can edit them in back office

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