Negative stock balance

We have an integration with an external service where we sync stock status.
Stock status in that system can be negative if customers place orders after a product has 0 in stock.
When we sync the status we get the negative values to display in back office but with a red validation error which does not allow us to edit the other values (we are allowed to put the negative values to zero or over that).

My question is, given that we don’t need to edit the values in back office, is it okay to handle negative stock values in the system or will we get other problems?

Litium version: 6, 7

Negative values of inventory items is not a common case and the validation in BO will trigger error because of the - character. I think all other calculations will work for you and if it is some calculations that not is working that you find during testing you can always change the default logic of stock status calculations.

I can’t guarantee that negative values of inventory items will be possible in all future versions or if that will be limited to only positive values.

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