Import negative price

How do we import products with negative price, tried the following web.config change, but doesn’t seem to work.

Litium version: 7.6.1

IntegrationKit or BackOffice? I think the default behaviour is to remove price when negative.

its in Backoffice, product import

What web.config change? You will get an error if you try to import negative prices.

The following change.

But we want to import negative prices. Isn’t that possible?

Platform is not built and tested with negative prices.

What is your scenario where you want to use negative prices?

It’s basically the product price, but this application doesn’t use any checkout or payment. The products should be included in the cart with a negative price.

Why not having 0 or null as price?

If you not have any checkout and all products should have a negative price I suggest that you should implement your own IPriceCalculator that returning the negative price for every product.

If you don’t care about the price you can just skip the price and instead ensure that you views will be rendered without any price indicator.

I want the product import to work with a negative price and it shouldn’t be negative price for all products. Most of the products have a positive price, and few of them has negative price.

What is the negative price for the purpose of your solution. It is very difficult to give advice on how to solve your problem when you do not describe what you are trying to do except that you need negative prices. Negative prices can be a solution to the problem, but there may be other solutions as well.

We have a specific configurator solution where you configure as a bundle, so if you select a particular product it should reduce the amount from the total amount, and we had these variants set up with negative price. It was working to import products with negative price until recent upgrade to 7.6.1 version, but after the upgrade it doesn’t seem to work.

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