ProductMediaMapper - missing Permissions on image upload

When our customer uploads images to Media with the ProductMediaMapper installed, only the 1st uploaded image get the correct Permissions. The rest of the images get no Permissions at all. The problem persists until app pool is recycled, then the problem repeats itself (1st image gets Permissions, the rest does not).

The images are moved + connected to products as expected so the mapper seems to be (partially) working.

Is this a known bug or could it be due to some misconfiguration of the mapper? No errors in logs.

Litium version: 6.2.2, Product Media Mapper version: 4.0.1

Not a known bug, do you mean they get loaded in the folder whithout premission or they get denied so no more then 1 upload?

Has the folder right permissions set?

The root folder created by Product Media Mapper didn’t have any permissions on it. I added permissions and now it seems to be working.

Maybe this should be added to the Product Media Mapper documentation since it’s an easy mistake to make.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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Ok I will take a note on that and add it to documentation, if so how come the first image went through then? Even the first image should also fail if no permission was not set as you described.

No idea, might be a bug. After a few tries ot uploading - recycling app pool - uploading, the first image also started to fail. So I’m not sure how to reproduce that behaviour.