RichTextEditor on product description?

Hi, not sure if this is a new thing/a bug or a setting but since I imported all my products to L7 but I don’t have a "RichTextEditor " on the product description field? Should it be there by default? How do I add this since its a system field?
Litium version: 7

The Description field is a multi-line text and can’t be changed. If you need to have the editor as description field you need to add another field that you are using for the description text.

What are the reasoning for changing this from 6.2? This will probably complicate the upgrade for a lot of people, so am just curious :slight_smile:

In Litium 4 the accelerator come with an editor field for the description, in this version the description field was not a fixed field and instead a field that you as developer need to add. When we was rebuilding that for Litium 5 it was changed to be a multi-line text system field based on request from multiple partner and customer. In Litium 6 and Litium 7 the field is still multi-line text so that is not changed.

Thank you! My bad… The sites I’m working with must have the custom fields with the same name, they both been around since v4