Sorts products in a category based on how it is sorted in backoffice

I am using Lucene search. I have a search query. It searches the products in a category. I need the search to return the products in the same order it is ordered inside the category

For sort by i used category_sort_order

But the result i got is not in the same order as in back office

This is the part of frontend result

This is the backoffice product

Litium version: [7.6.1]



as the sort order.

I made the changes for sortby. Still getting the same result. Am i doing something wrong with the code

It works fine when testing with similar code (see below). If you debug, is the sorting being applied correctly? Does it make a difference if you rebuild the index?

var searchQuery = new SearchQuery();
var products = new List<Litium.Web.Models.Products.ProductModel>();
searchQuery.CategorySystemId = Guid.Parse("76930397-9a9e-4b14-8b7a-5520ccb4a1b7");
searchQuery.SortBy = SearchQueryConstants.Recommended;
searchQuery.PageNumber = 1;
searchQuery.PageSize = 100000;
var response = _productSearchService.Search(searchQuery, searchQuery.Tags, true, true, true);

if (response.Hits != null)
		.Transform(searchQuery, response)
		.Select(x => x.Item));

var articles = products.Select(x => x.SelectedVariant.Id);



which matches

Please, check the log-file (not Event log in back office) to see the real queries where also the sort information is included. The sort for products in a category should have a sort field like category-{categorySystemId}-sortindex, if that not is the first selection in the sort fields the sorting on the query is not applied correctly.

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