Updating a pagetype from definition

Working in Litium 6 I have a pagetype that I have created from a pagetype definition class.

Now I want to add additional fields to this pagetype, how can I do this?

  • I have tried to just add fields to the definition-class but they don´t get added (also tried with overwrite=true in the class decoration).
  • I have tried to delete the pagetype in backoffice but a restart of the site then re-creates it without any contentfields or settingsfields
  • In earlier versions the generated pagetypes were added to foundation_settings table in DB where they could be removed to re-create the pagetype but this table no longer has this info.

Additional fields will automatically be added into the page type if you not previous have deleted the field with the same name from back office.

The information that previous was stored in the dbo.Foundation_Setting table is from Litium 6 stored in the Common.Setting table. Remember that from Litium 5 you can’t change values directly in database without manually trigger the event in application or restarting the application.