URL Prefix on channels

Given my own experimentation, as docs still doesn’t seem to cover this, it seems that the “URL Prefix” field of channels is used to put a path “prefix” to the connected website.

So if I set URL Prefix to “se” I can browse the website through that channel on domainname/se.

Assuming this is correct, doesn’t “URL Prefix” seems like a bit misleading? I can see where it’s coming from, as it’s a “prefix” to the page’s path. But a URL ultimately includes the domain name, and in that perspective, it seems like the prefix is really kind of a suffix to the domain/host name. Perhaps “Path Prefix” would be a more obvious name. Thoughts?

Litium version: 7

Yes, this is correct

We also name the path segment for each page as url, that is also wrong in that sentence but it is pretty clear what it is used for. I will note your suggestion of the Path prefix instead to make it more clear in the UI.