Application hangs or crashes in media tab


We are having problems in our developement environment. When accessing the media tab, or any other page in litium studio that are displaying images or thumbnails of images, the application hangs and gets unresponsive. To get it running again I need to kill the w3wp.exe process and execute iisreset in the command prompt.

The w3wp.exe process takes 15-20% of my CPU

When looking in DevTools all images have the status (pending)

Nothing else is really happening. No error messages in the log, Console or the Windows Event Viewer.

I suspect that the problem has to do with the Magick.NET (currently using version 7.15) but I’m not sure.

I’m using Litium 7.4.2 and Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium)

One of the other developer in the same project reports that the application crashes when accessing the media tab in litium studio.

Any ideas?

Litium version: 7.4.2

Really? I’m the only one having this problem?

Do you use CDN? Can you test by creating a brand new folder, and upload a new file from your local machine, to see if it works or if it throws any error?


The files are stored physically in an shared folder (samba) but we do not use a CDN.

If I try to create a brand new folder and upload a single file it works without any problems. I also tried to drag and drop 10 files and it also worked without issues. But when I tried with 20 files, they all got uploaded correctly but when scrolling down in the list of files after the upload is finished, thumbnails are not loaded and the site stops working. If I reload the page it loads forever. No error messages in the litium log and no exceptions are thrown in the Visual Studio debugger. Also there are no errors in the javascript console. Ajax-calls for thumbnails are stuck in pending state when looking in the network tab of DevTools.

So after some testing and trial and error I’ve come to the conclusion that what’s causing the problem is the IIS app pool.

I was running the app pool as an local user on my computer. And by doing that the site gets unstable when generating thumbnails during upload of images in the media archive. Uploaded images also became corrupted which caused the site to crasch for other developers working in the same project.

The reason for running the app pool as an local user was to be able to access common litium files (commonFilesDirectory) from all developer machines through a shared directory. My local app pool user had credentials for the shared folder stored in the user’s “Network credentials”.

I tried to use a local folder as well but it made no difference. The only thing I could do to make the problem to go away was to change the app pool identity to “ApplicationPoolIdentity” (making it impossible to use a shared folder for Litium files).

One possible solution is to add my computer to the domain and to use a domain user for the app pool, but I havent tested that.

For the moment, as a workaround, we are now using a local folder for files and common files and ApplicationPoolIdentity for the app pool.

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