Cancel partial delivery and payment

1- Customer orders article A and B.
2- Article A will be delivered in a partial delivery and payment gets paid
3- Customer doesn’t want article B anymore and we need to cancel that part of the order (the delivery is still in processing state)

In step 3 I set the delivery state to CANCELLED but the payment is still in RESERVED and I am not able to cancel that part of the payment and when I check the PaymentProvider-object on the paymentInfo I see CanCancelCurrentTransaction = false, why? How can I cancel the payment as well?

Litium version: [7.4.2]

so, in step 2, I suppose you have splited the order into two deliveries, Delivery for A and Delivery for B.
and Delivery for A should be “Delivered” and the payment is splited now to two, one paymentinfo for payment A and another payment for payment B, and payment for A is “Paid”, and payment for B is still “Reserved”
The remaining delivery, which is still in processing, would need to be cancelled.

If you put this delivery now to Cancelled, then in the Litium accelerator code, it will try to attempt to put the payment B into Cancelled state. So, for this payment object, which is the payment for B, you see CanCancelCurrentTransaction = false, would you confirm?

Also, which payment provider are you using?


We are using only Adyen [Version=] i this solution.

So I think you need also to do this approach:

Not really, since my case is a bit different with what you are referring to. In my case we actually want is to cancel the remaining amount and that should be possible according to Anusha:

Any updates @anusha.ganegoda? :smiley:

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