Klarna callback notifications?

Our client would like to be able to cancel (parts of) an order, before it’s been delivered, in their Klarna merchant portal and have Klarna send a notification about this to Litium. Does the Litium Klarna add-on have anything that helps with this? I don’t find anything in the documentation for the Litium Klarna add-on about it.

Litium version: 7.4

Klarna status update notifications are received by Klarna AddOn. However, if it is done by Klarna backoffice, Litium AddOn will not have the corresponding payment operation in Litium, which will just cause the add-on to report an error at best.

I suppose they want to deliver part of the order, so that they Capture part of it, and cancel the rest of the order. To my knowledge, it is not possible to cancel part of an order first and then capture later, you have to capture part of it first, and can cancel the rest.

Then, Litium fully supports partial captures, you need to use Litium Connect ERP API.

Thanks, Anusha. Yes, that’s correct, they want to deliver only part of the order. Is there any way we can implement our own handling of this response, if the call indeed is made from Klarna? Or would you need to modify the add-on?

Its not easy to do when information is coming from Klarna, because we don’t have all information. Best is, Litium initiating the partial capture, and you can use the Litium Connect API.

Check out the documentation here on how the process flows are supported in Litium Connect:

Thanks. I also asked Klarna support about this and according to them no notifications are sent from them to us when something is updated through the merchant portal.
Does that seem correct to you?
Maybe the best way would be the other way around to initiate the process in Litium and send the updated order info to Klarna. Not sure the best to go about it though, do you have any suggestions? The client would like to be able to cancel deliveries or parts of a delivery.

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